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Through years of travel we have quietly assembled an exemplary collection of 17th-19th century Caucasian, Anatolian and Persian oriental rugs, kilims and tribal bag faces. We also offer some rare and beautiful antique Scandinavian and Pre-Columbian textiles. Our mission is to share our boundless enthusiasm of these woven treasures with the most discerning private collectors and public institutions.

We can also source rugs through our numerous contacts in the trade and offer independent advice on rugs offered through the auction houses.

Art on the Web  - web design and hostingAs Art on the Web, we provide web design and hosting services for most businesses, particularly those involved in fine art and antiques, but including real estate, retail, publishing, investments, etc. having designed nearly 100 web sites over the past 20 years.

We also offer a small selection of fine and rare 17th & 18th century bracket clocks.

Our business is by appointment.



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